Our Mission

We are passionate about supporting missionary families by focusing on offering resources, promoting family unity, and providing programs such as discipleship, mentoring, and education on TCK topics to their children. We do this to promote the health and wholeness of our MKs and their families, so the work of Bible Translation can continue.

Our Core Values

Create a Safe Place for MKs

We will love, listen, encourage, disciple, and mentor them.

Celebrate Missionary and TCK Cultures

We will encourage healthy transitions through seminars, debriefing, and/or consultation, valuing different cultures around the world, and including new arrivals.

Promote Family Unity

We will recognize and augment the God-given responsibility parents have in raising their kids as well as provide opportunities to include the entire family in activities.

Contribute to MKs’ Spiritual Development

We will provide opportunities to study the Word, engage in prayer, worship together, and serve others.

Provide Leadership Opportunities

We will provide opportunities for students to be discipled and mentored in leadership roles to serve others and share the love of Jesus.

Assist Parents and MKs

We will strive to provide resources and opportunities to learn more about MKs/TCKs and their unique challenges and giftings.

Our Staff

Becca Segers
Becca SegersGirls Discipleship Coordinator
Becca serves our team at JAARS as the Girls Discipleship Coordinator. She also supports the middle school and high school aged MKs through discipleship and mentoring. In addition she is involved in supporting the Refuge 139 program which runs a high quality VBS type program for MKs living overseas.

Becca grew up as an MK in a sensitive part of East Asia where her family served. After graduating from Indiana Wesleyan in 2012, she followed God’s call to serve and train the next generation of MK’s. Becca joined Global Partners in 2013 to help establish their MK program., and has also worked with Cru and the International Mission Board to care for their MK’s. In December 2016, God opened the door for her to serve a larger group of MKs through the ministries at JAARS.

email: becca_segers@jaars.org
Nathan Leung
Nathan LeungMiddle School Youth Pastor
Nathan serves JAARS youth group as the Middle School Youth Pastor. His focus is working with our high school leadership team to minister to the middle school MKs here at the JAARS center.

Nathan grew up as a TCK (MK) in East Asia where his parents were serving as Christian professionals. After completing his undergraduate out of UC Davis, he earned his MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Columbia International University. During the summers since 2013 he has had the opportunity to minister to MKs in a variety of contexts through which God has developed and confirmed in him a heart for MKs, particularly those in transition.

email: nathan.leung@jaars.org
Lyle Williams
Lyle WilliamsAssociate High School Pastor
Lyle is the Associate School Youth Pastor at JAARS. His focus is serving the high school students by teaching during our High School Youth Group and HS Guys Bible Studies, discipling the ACTS (Student Leadership) team, and organizing Special Events.

Lyle has been in youth ministry since becoming a peer leader in high school. In 2007 he earned his BS in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry (with an emphasis on Missions) from Welch College. He then served as a youth pastor in Ogden, Utah until 2019 when he joined the the Youth and Young Adult Ministry team at JAARS.

email: lyle_williams@jaars.org
Patti Garretson
Patti GarretsonEducational Coordinator
Patti is the Director of TCK Care and Education works in the Human Resources Department, People. The Youth and Young Adult ministry works closely together with those in TCK Care and Education to meet the needs of the entire family. She consults with families with educational needs, oversees MK Safari and MK Station, and serves as our Child Safety Coordinator.

She and her husband, Dennis, have served with Wycliffe since 1976. Together they have served in Ecuador, Indonesia, and JAARS. Patti has served as a teacher, school administrator, and an adult educator.

email: patti_garretson@jaars.org